About Altea

The Hackefors Model originated 1996, when companies in the Hackefors industrial area started a unique environmental collaboration with the help of Altea AB. They started with environmental issues within their own company and the common local environment. This collaboration led the companies to deciding to join forces and get environmental certifications in groups. Shortly after, we continued to work with quality in and for the production, and implemented an integrated environmental and quality management system, with each of the companies having their own certificate while cooperating in groups. The Hackefors Model has been very successful and we have helped hundreds of companies throughout Sweden and several abroad to getting their quality and environmental certification. Up till today we have developed about 1900 certificates!

We work with individual companies, groups and networks of small and medium sized companies within the areas of environment, quality, health and safety, foodstuffs, agriculture, testing and calibration laboratories and now the automobile industry.