Legal services

Government procurementlou

Our procurement experts provide high quality legal services in all stages of the procurement. They review your bids before sending them out to meet the tender dossier demands. Should you not win the tender they will review the procurement. Should there be flaws, they help you with the appeal.


Contract law

AVTALOur lawyers can help you with contract review and drafting of contracts in both private and commercial contexts. When negotiating with stakeholders, a contract lawyer can be the support needed to ensure that the transaction is successful. We also assist with tailored training where we treat everything from contractual basis to how to get the supplier agreements to match the agreements that you sign with your customers.



Generational changegenerationsskifte


Generational change in family business is often a complex and emotional issue. Let our lawyers help you with everything from initial discussions and review of various options to assist you throughout the generational change.


Private law

CARLife changes and life events create the need for different types of legal documents. Are you getting married, getting a divorce, cohabiting for the first time or do you need to establish a testamentary or probate. Let our lawyers help you. We can even help you when you are going to sublet your appartment or if you are selling the boat.