Management System

Bild1A management system leads the employees in the company, the management and other collaborators feeling more engaged and involved in their work, increasing the focus of customer requests, needs and requirements, it creates order and structure in the company and you work actively with improvement. The management system is a framework in which the management can manage, measure and evaluate the business. The management system allows the company to continuously work with annual improvement and also keeps the employees working towards the same goals!

A functioning management system gives the company support and backup. The management system should be a part of the business. When you work with a management system problems are the fuel for improvement – do not sweep them under the carpet, instead highlight the problems and deviations, rectify them and improve the business!

The Hackefors Model

The Hackefors Model is an effective, proven and observed tool to implement management systems. Altea has developed and owns the Hackefors Model and has used this tool introduce over 1,800 international certificates. The Hackefors Model has won awards received from His Majesty the King, and two awards from the EU. We implement the management systems according to international standards at a fixed price. The main benefits of implementing management systems using the Hackefors Model are:

  • A fixed cost for implementation, from the beginning to the certification.
  • Reduced cost for certification since the certification companies reduce the audit time.
  • All of the templates needed to implement the management system are included as well unlimited support and sounding board.

The work of introducing the management system begins with a startup meeting. On the startup meeting, we determine when the certification must be done and we develop a schedule for how the work will be posted. The implementation of the management system is divided into approximately 10 occasions called MKL meetings. These meetings consist of three parts: information, training and preparation of documents. At each meeting, we will review the new standard requirements, legal requirements, customer -/sector requirements and / or your company's own requirements. Then we go through the various templates and examples of how the requirements can be documented in accordance with the standards and legal requirements.


Altea ABs Coordinator service is a support service for the work with management systems. As coordinator Altea AB conducts meetings 3-4 times per year. The meetings serve as networking of companies where lessons and advice can be shared. At these meetings the participants are informed among other things about news regarding standards, legal changes and new templates. In addition companies in the group share their own experiences and discrepancies with their management system work.  Other positive synergies in these groups arise such as collaborations between companies as well as making new customer contacts.