Law Database

lag1Altea AB provides a unique law database that is entirely specific to the company. The law database covers everything from local and national official regulations for Swedish Code of Status (SFS) and EC law. Companies affiliated receive a body of law which is tailored to their business and covers the legal areas the company is affected by. Here you can find reporting and accounting rules for the company financial department, tax legislation, social security contributions etc. for the payroll department, labor standards applicable to safety delegates and environmental law for environmental managers and so on. The law database is updated regularly so that all the material is always found in its latest version.

LAG2Affiliated companies are able to revise their content an unlimited number of times because this service should be adapted to changes in the business and be the most efficient tool possible. The law database currently contains all regulations from 1736, and large parts of ECs secondary law (directives and regulations). Furthermore it includes many official regulations and many industries supplier rules and standard contracts. In the unlikely event that something requested currently isn’t found here, Altea AB will add it free of charge.

To comply with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards the company is only required two documents, namely:

     1. A governing document of current topics that also tells how you are affected by their field.

     2. A record that documents compliance controlls. This document is signed at the compliance control.

lag3Companies affiliated to Altea AB law database always have access to the latest version of all legal and other requirements that concern them, a brief description of how they are affected and a summarizing where lawyers comment on major changes to environmental, health and safety matters, and how courts in the future might interpret them. The service also includes other tools such as a legal dictionary with about 3600 entries and access to documents being drafted and court cases.


Contact Altea AB for free of charge try a for your business tailored law database, for a limited time.