The support service provides more than 700 templates for individuals and businesses. Companies that have access to this support service decide themselves which of its user accounts that will have access to the templates. Each account has the ability to create their own list of favorite templates.

The templates are divided into categories and can easily be found through a search engine. Most types of templates, have a manual that describes the legal requirements for this type of templates as well as what to consider. Examples of templates are employment contracts, performance appraisals, purchase contract for shares, leases premises, risk assessment, safety inspection, the employer's permits to use forklifts, installment plan, debt collection, usage agreement, wills, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and probate.

Companies that have access to Altea AB's legal templates get to free of charge make proposals on templates of standard character they want  Altea AB to make .

The support service includes free legal support for templates from Altea AB's lawyers.

It is also possible against compensation get help with customized templates, ranging from wills to supply or generational shifts of companies.