The Hackefors Model

A management system tool

The Hackefors Model is a trademarked tool for management systems. The tool is based on small and medium-sized businesses working together to implement management systems according to international standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, EMAS and others. The cooperation takes place in a group of companies that have a common affiliation, for example, the same industrial origin, industry, or similar. As the sharing of work and expenses the introduction of the system is simpler, saving more time and is more economical for the respective companies. Group certification is based on collaboration between Altea, our clients and an accredited certification company. The Hackefors Model is designed in such a way that any business that wants become certified according to environmental and quality standards reaches its certificate.

Using The Hackefors Model Altea AB has established more than 1,900 certificates in accordance with international standards.

The Hackefors Model has received several domestic and international honors. From His Majesty the King we received an award for Sweden's best industrial environmental efforts.

From EU, The Hackefors Model received awards such as  The best project on public policy initiatives to encourage the uptake EMSs in SMEs and A good example of programmes promoting resources efficiency opportunities for business in the EU.

Furthermore, the EU found that The Hackefors Model is A good practices in Environmental Compliance Assistance.

The Hackefors Model is one of the EU approved and recommended tools for introducing EMAS.

Environmental and quality work a basis for us

That everyone in the company should have an environmental and quality education.

To work with continuous improvement.

To always work for the rules of consideration under the Environmental Code.

To work with suppliers who are actively working with concrete actions.

To cooperate with universities and institutes for further development.